“Shady’s back, tell a friend”

2013 was the last we saw of Eminem being at the forefront of the hip/hop scene, with his The Marshall Mathers LP 2  project. Shady XV doesnt really count as Eminem’s independent work as it was a compilation album with a plethora of artists under his record label. Ever since, we’ve had slew of wannabe rappers milking the same formula to attain billboard spots – the same slow trippy tune, some ridiculously curvy women scantily clad, sexual references of varying degrees of stupid and disturbing, and slow talking their way to chart-top success. Frankly, I never once liked it. Its disheartening really to see the number of them gaining such popularity over some beautifully-worded and meaningful tracks, but maybe thats just me. Either way, one cant deny that the hip/hop industry growing stale.
Enter scene, Eminem.
Known for his vocabulary prowess and meteoric rise from the slums of Detroit, nobody knows how to dish out a rap like The Real Slim Shady. And his return couldn’t have come at a better time. Eminem has officially confirmed that his latest venture is under wraps, after releasing a teaser track that just hit the web. Titled “Campaign”, Eminem clearly takes a dig at the 2016 Presidential Elections, and he remains just as beautifully outspoken and as ferociously opinionated. Words are his pawns, and the Real Slim Shady raises an army as he spews some sheer poetry in this unapologetic drop.
So yes, “Shady’s back, tell a friend.” And he ain’t going nowhere..

Check out his track here.


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