Avengers: Age of Ul-Trump

Donkeys, your opening statement?
So about a month ago, an organisation called SaveTheDay.Vote, a “short-form digital production company” founded by Hollywood heavyweight Joss Whedon (Avengers,  Avengers: Age of Utron), released a video on YouTube titled “IMPORTANT”. Featuring some of the top celebrities around the world including Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Sheen, TV stars including Neil Patrick Harris, Yvette Nicole Brown, and some other less-known faces, the video was aimed at educating its viewers about the gravity that comes with the right to vote, especially this November 8th, a Tuesday which could very possibly see the ascension of a racist bigot Oompa Loompa, who could be wielding nuclear weapons like a Spin-That-Wheel game. Not explicitly mentioned as to who the right choice to vote for is, thought it is evident, the stars do a fine job of not only delivering the message across but also in a playful yet loud note.josswhedon.jpg

Alright, Elephants. Your rebuttal?
Then, 3 weeks ago, a YouTube channel called Texas Veteran (“shocking”) released a video titled “SAVE THE DAY Response”. Created by BrabenderCox, a Republican consulting firm, the video features random people of various ethnicities parodying the celebrities and is basically a retort against the “arrogant Hollywood elitists!” Hardly tickling and just blatantly sarcastic, what surprised me more than how funny these individuals thought they were, was the presence of non-White folks. Like, have these people not been hearing Trump for years or are they just getting paid a lot? Or both? The man proposed a wall, the man practically proposed a Muslim genocide, has had and continues to receive accusations of sexual harassment of women all around the world, not to mention that little stint with Billy Bush, and constantly proves himself to be nothing more than a hypocritical anti-social war-monger, that is out to pretty much tear the fabric of society that makes up America, and as a result the world. And the best part of all this is, he probably isn’t even trying.maxresdefault-2

Britain, have anything to add?
Now, across the border, Britain’s got some stick already for the entire Brexit shenanigans. Now if only some of that bad light could be shifted away from them. Oh how Brits would love that. Well, that may very much be possible coming November. And SaveTheDay.Vote explains how, in a video that was released a video few days later aptly named “IDIOTS”, as one particular British individual pleads America to offer a helping hand by making, the “right choice”.maxresdefault-3

Donkeys, your closing statement please.
The latest video by the company plays a more sombre note, as it portrays a day in the life of hardworking members of the U.S. Latino community. Intertwining several lives and emphasising on an adorable young girl, the video see all he individuals coming together in a way, glued to their TV screens and radio sets as they await the results of the election. We’re not quire sure of the winner as we see different expressions on their faces, until the young girl asks her father, “Papi, can we stay?”. Its quite clear. The video is aptly titled “Verdict”maxresdefault-1

Now as an outsider America I must say, your two representatives right now alone have made us doubt your reputation as one of the world’s most prominent democracies. Both haven’t managed to capture our attention let alone our appreciation, and will never ever ever EVER come close to the diplomacy and overall exceptional professionalism that Obama brought to you. The very fact that you have a man like Trump alarming close to becoming President, has only garnered our ridicule and tarnished your reputation even further. But that does not mean Hillary is an clear winner either, with her own string of errors and misconceptions.

Anywho. This years Presidential Election is bound to be one of the most interesting ones ever. If not to see who the next leader of the free world is going to be, at least we have a good show on our hands as this entire race has proved to be time and time again.

God bless ‘Murica!



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