CoW: gnash – home ft. johnny yukon

I’m pretty sure everyone’s listened to or at least remotely heard someone utter ‘i hate you, i love you’.Number 11 on the Billboard as of this post, it’s sorta impossible for anyone to have missed it, and gnash’s rather unique laid-back slick verses have garnered him a rising fanbase already. ‘home’ is another track where we see him chilled out but on a different note of emotions. With a beautiful piano ballad at the background and an equally splendid Johnny Yukon at the hooks, ‘home’ provides a profound interpretation of a close dear one in all our lives as Yukon swoons “Doesn’t matter where we go, when I’m with you I am home, I am home..” Gnash is however clearly the spine of this song, possessing the exquisite ability to transgress the limits of what one would expect his voice to dish out, as a throbbing beat brings out the best of his ability to weave words that play a part in elating our hearts, even just a bit. Tell me you don’t feel a little stuffy when he croons “Home isn’t where you are, its who you’re with.”

Centred on notions of family and home, a beautiful medley of piano, head-bopping rhythm and a unique voice so hard to label and even harder to deny makes ‘home’  a peach of a song that brings out the best of my curiosity and eagerness to see what more gnash can deliver, albeit with a box of tissues.

Listen to it here.

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