5 Songs to Wake Up to On A Weekend

I think it’s fair to say, Monday mornings are the absolute worst. Some of us though have a teeny bit more hatred towards the proximity within which dawn seems to arrive irrespective of what day it may be. Seriously, haven’t we all hissed at our mums when they come in and open the curtains, letting the light touch our skins. I mean, don’t they know its bad for us? Especially on a Saturday! Honestly mum.

Anywho, if you’re used to late-night hunting on Pinterest for DIY ideas you know you’re never going to get into, or browsing through personality quizzes which we all know you haven’t answered 100% honestly, or hogging on a pint of HäagenDazs, fret not. I feel your pain. Waking up after an eventful self-indulgent night like that can down even the most experienced of us. So for all my blue-screen blinded brother and sisters, here are some tunes to get your day that little more bearable. Who knows, you may even get out of bed?

Ok. No. Your day’s gonna suck, probably, stay in bed son. But still, good music guys!

Again, in no particular order:

  1. The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun: 
    • The boys from Liverpool have numerous beautiful numbers to their name, including several which will undeniably put a smile on your face. But if there was one to be picked out, it would be this. Everything from the upbeat strumming you’re treated to from the start, to the little “du du du du’s” in between every verse, “Here Comes the Sun” is an aural delight with a combination of simple yet gorgeous “harbinger of spring” lyrics, a slow heartwarming tempo that almost makes you shuffle your head left and right, and some claps just to motivate you that little bit more. Trust them when they say, “it’s alright.”

  2. Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky:
    • Chances are you’ve probably heard this somewhere on the radio or in some movie, cause this is one track that has been deployed in countless film scores. And it’s no surprise why. Giving entity to the big bright blue himself, frontman Jeff Lynne manages to capture the feeling of witnessing Mr.Blue Sky sprawling across the above and touching everything in its way, including lives. Simple lyrics, an undeniably upbeat temp and an almost ‘Beatlesque’ rhythm, everyone smiles at Mr. Blue Sky. And so will you.

      Watch the video if you don’t believe me.

  3. Coldplay – Strawberry Swing:
    • Come on, a list like this and you think you wouldn’t find one Coldplay number? Tsk Tsk. Honestly, this is not only my favourite song of theirs, but also one of my absolute favourites of ALL. There is some part of the Scottish Isles that I am almost always transported to the moment I hear that unique and unmistakable looped-guitar at the beginning, just lying on a bed of grass hands tucked beneath my head to rest on, watching the clouds just tease the sky as they slyly go by. The drums in the background are well heard and give this tone of magnificence to the whole production, without making the song seem overwhelmingly epic. Hit this in the morning, and it really is “such a perfect day.”

      A beautiful stop-motion video to pair doesn’t hurt at all. Check it out.

  4. Vampire Weekend – Step:
    • Ok before we get into this, did yall know all three members were enrolled in Columbia University? Like. Wut. I guess that would explain the poetic genius that this song and Ezra himself really are. A lyrical collage of beautiful phrases that seem hand-picked to intrigue audiences doesn’t take away the emotional core of this song. Ezra’s voice is the sorta stuff you wanna make a bed out of and sleep on and never wake up, added to the fact that he’s a beautiful man. Elegant yet possessing a sense of grandeur, “Step” is an absolute gem of a song (amongst many of Vampire Weekend’s) that’s sure to make you feel like a traveller strolling down undiscovered urban happy streets.

      Listen to it here.

  5. Goldspot – Evergreen Cassette:
    • This is a song that echoes to the hearts of many Indians around the world, so you will forgive me if I seem a bit biased in slotting this here. Set against the shuttling rhythm of a train on its tracks, and a persistent warm harmonium tone to go with it, lead singer Siddhartha Khosla goes on to narrate experiences of his childhood, stories and anecdotes from his mum, the joy that filled the streets every time it rained and moves on to evolve this beautifully interlaced tale that is very…Indian. The relationship with his mum shines through the medley, and Khosla’s voice is one which exquisitely emotes the gravity of the song.

      “So don’t worry, even though you were, oceans and continents away, I had evergreen hits, lullabies, and everything you had to sing.”

      I have to admit, I teared up a bit. I highly recommend you to check the band out, they have some amazing tracks all uniquely Indian in their own way, incorporating stories or instruments or even words from the Incredible subcontinent.

So that’s about it. Like I said, stay in bed, no point getting up. But smile, it’s a day off!

Of course, I’ve left a lot of brilliant options out. So feel free to comment your suggestions. Would love nothing more than to explore different music 🙂


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