The name’s Siddharth, and I’m an English Major in the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (that’s right, and ENGLISH major). I read a lot of books, I watch a lot more movies, and listen to even more music. I seem to struggle to fixate on a single genre that I love in each of these, cause my taste are as diverse as my dad’s work ethic and my rather, shall we say, ‘agnostic’ approach. However, opinions and interpretations of a song or a scene, a movie or a mocha are things I come in abundance with. theweeklymeep is the Globe Theatre of my head, putting on display my ideas of a movie or a trailer, my interpretations of a song or video, random materialisations of my love for Madras and the city life, and some random posts to make your day.
Overall, theweeklymeep is your stop for the latest news regarding a whole bunch of interesting stuff throughout the week, be it Billboard followups or insights into places and happenings across Madras, some random dogs and pizza pins (cause dogs and Pizza be bae) or a random less-than-popular movie you wouldn’t have seen. Honestly, just a few hours off from the doldrums of the daily to indulge in a little bit of yourself.

So, welcome to TWM. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email for any ideas or suggestions. Peace!

(P.S. Some random Arsenal glorification can be expected.)